10 Things you didn’t know about working in a young startup

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10 Things you didn’t know about working in a young startup

15 décembre 2016 Kinov Inside 0

It has been few days since we were talking about our Hugo’s last day as an intern in Kinov . Hugo is our first intern as the right-hand man of the cofounder : David Le Louarn. After 6 months of hard work in an atmosphere of joy and good humour. And he left a good surprise that we are happy to share with you. Here are the lessons learned as a #1 intern in a young startup such as kinov !


« after 6 months of internship at kinov, my time has come to an end. Since i joined Kinov at the very start of the business, i have seen the growth of Kinov and i learned some lessons that i would like to share « 

  1. Failing is not Taboo, It is even a great way to restart
  2. Reiterate : the favorite word of the CEO to let you know your v1 needs A looot of work !
  3. Fund raising : an endless and tedious process that may or may not lead to a more or less fair shareholder agreement
  4. L’UI/UX is basics. Yes it is !  It’s also the ultimate obsession of the CEO of a web platform (« i like the blue #0068F more  than the #0064F, it is more welcoming and it is more in the company spirit »…)
  5. Modales, feeds, tags, growth hacking, bizdev, empowerment, disruption, traction, scalable, mockup, sourcing, responsive, etc. Well all these barbaric words are now part of your daily vocabulary
  6. I almost forgot : There are also acronyms and anglicisms : SEO, CRM, VC, GAFA, CM, URL, MOOC, B2B, B2C, B2B2C…well you get it !
  7. Slack.
  8. After i had used the word openbar during my school years, i have now learned the words open innovation, open data, open source, open funding, open law istand too many oders to list.
  9. The is no such thing as a small saving (even on coffee quality…)
  10. « Dans la Vallée » – In the valley- isn’t only Manau’s corny song but the Mecca for startups :  The Sillicon Valley. Also the term cookies is not meant only for my mama’s cakes sadly



Nevertheless being part of the very start of a startup is a great and unforgettable experience.

Hugo. »

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The Kinov Team 😉