Kinov is now certified « Innovative company » by BpiFrance

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Kinov is now certified « Innovative company » by BpiFrance

14 février 2017 Kinov Inside Startups Tech news 0

We are Highly proud to announce that Kinov has been qualified as an « innovative company »  On the 14th of February !

This label promotes the innovation and growth of SMEs in order to support their


The kinov « Innovative Company » accreditation allows the innovation-focused French investment funds (FCPI – FondsCommuns de Placement dans l’Innovation) to invest in kinov.


About Kinov

Kinov was founded in 2016 by David Le Louarn and Mathieu Jaeger. We are a team of startupers who are passionate about Open Innovation & Entrepreneurship. We’ve had multiple professional experiences with startups and big companies and we strongly believe they all have to work together if they want to bring innovation into the markets. We aim to make the openinnovation easier and more social for startups and big companies.


Kinov in 3 steps


  1. Startups create detailed descriptions of their projects with nice pictures & videos
  2. All Collaborators can comment, like & share the descriptions
  3. Innovation teams contact the top relevant startups for further collaboration…